"A Madness of Sunshine" by Nalini Singh



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What Anahera wasn't expecting when she finally came back to her native city of Golden Cove, in New Zealand, wasn't certainly a missing person case, about a childhood friend.

And meanwhile she is escaping what she left in London, she'll have to deal with a case that is nearer to her than she had originally thought.

<<That's not manhood>> (...) <<That's weakness>>

REVIEW (3/5):
I just wanted to first of all say that this is the first thriller written this author, who is already the author of a few different fantasy series, which I haven't read yet, but I am low key curious about her following work, because overall I think that her style and ideas are rather interesting.

I do believe that this thriller was a bit less thriller-y than I expected since it was more focused on the character's side, which, although doesn't mean that it is less mystery, in this case it pushed up more the emotions of the characters, than their actual secrets and different plots, and although it is interesting I honestly felt like this thriller hadn't much of a mystery.

So, if you are not a big fan of thriller, but want to try something different, with a dash of romance and rather interesting themes, this is the thing for you.

I do think that entire mystery plot should have been adjusted better mostly because there were some rather "WTH" period (such as a cop taking the help of a civilian, who isn't the direct relative of the victim, and who, by her own admission, hasn't seen the victim since she was a child') and I think that entire resolution, although interesting, didn't have many clear points, leaving some plot-holes.

I do have to say that I appreciated the fact that a more 'private' plot was mixed with a true (cold) cases about missing hiker, which is more than common than you thought also shining the problematic of these cases.

The mystery part isn't honestly too original and if you are a true fan of thrillers, and only read that you might get disappointed, but I, a more omnivore reader, actually liked the fact that this book went through different limits of the genre, mixing it with others.

The entire psychological aspect was rather interesting, and I have to say that I wished it would have been rather developed and I hope it will, if there ever will be other sequels, which I honestly find interesting.

It is absolutely an interesting read also because of the setting: New Zealand, which is interesting because I have to admit that I haven't read many books (and more specifically thrillers) about this setting (although there is "The Bat" by Jo Nesbo) and also it was rather beautiful to settle up in this completely different culture.

From a style point of view: the start is rather slow, but once you get in the mentality of the book, I have to admit that the reading is rather fast and interesting.

So, again, if you are not a usual reader of the thriller genre and want to try it, I'd gladly suggest this book and if you do end up reading it let me know what you thought about it!

Are you a fan of the thriller genre or not?

Are you curious about this book?

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Eroine Penzel.

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