Cover Reveal "Killer" ("The Hunt Series" #4) by Liz Meldon


Hi, guys! 

I am back with trying to publish articles on the blog in English... (currently thinking if I should open another blog where I only post in English, which would be rare, but at least there would be less chaos than now... well let me know you opinion in the comments!).

So I am already saying I am sorry for any mistake you might find (neither me and my auto-correct have English as our first language).

But as always if you have any suggestion on how to get better, please leave them in the comments, alongside your opinion on the previous matter or if I should continue with this type of articles!

But moving onto more interesting and extremely important matters, here comes the cover reveal of this series I have found recently, but I am absolutely curious to dive in, maybe also before the 28th of June when the final instalment will come out!

I am talking about "The Hunt Series" and today I am honoured to host on my blog the cover reveal of "Killer".

But let's stop talking (I know you are all thinking "Thank God, she was butchering the English language...) and lets dive in on the true beauty of this cover!

<<The predator corners its prey, and so the hunt must end--one way or another>>

(Don't hate me... I tried...)

<<Death to traitors and thieves>> 

(Yeah, I am totally in love with this quote... Like how to describe me...)

KILLER is the final novel in THE HUNT, a paranormal romance serial. It has a rating of EXPLICIT for coarse language, high heat, and graphic violence. The Hunt is considered a continuous story containing one novella and three novels, and should be read in order:


PREY (#2) 


And before diving in "The Hunt" world, be sure to follow every-freaking-where the author Liz Meldon, not only because she is a sweetheart and she hosts some really interesting giveaways, but because her instagram account is "aesthetic goals" and she posts so many ideas and infos about what she is writing so you can't miss anything!

After this wll you be reading "The Hunt Series"?

If I did make you want to read this book, let me know either in the comments or at my instagram account (@eroine.penzel) so we could exchange opinions on it and fangirl together!

Do you like the cover? I love it!

See you soon, lovelies!

Eroine Penzel.

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