"Elemental Claim" (War of The Myth #1) by Miranda Grant (English Version)



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Life can change so easily when you are the forbidden descendant of an unknown goddess.

And an hot Scottish man, interested only in his own mission, saves your life; but can you trust him?

Can you trust the man who has kidnapped you?

Can you trust the man who can make you feel so in love with just a glare?

Well it's up to you and Emma to discover those things, alongside an incredible search in order to find Emma's twin sister, Elizabeth, who might be their worst enemy and best ally at the same time.

Are you ready to trust and to be betrayed?

<<She shivered at the touch, her entire body yearning for a man she didn't understand>>

REVIEW (4\5):

Hi! I am back at the English reviews...

... before you accuse me of lacking any grammar knowledge, I just want you to know that English isn't my first language and because of that I might have some trouble...

I still hope that you might enjoy this review and let me know any suggestion to make my reviews better (Feedback is always welcomed!).

But let's go back to the review and I want to start with thanking the author, MIranda Grant, which sent me a free copy of her book and I am thankful for this oppourtunity because this book had become my newest obsession, so prepare for my fangirling!

I couldn't give this book a full five stars because there were a few strange and confusing scenes, which made me go back to re-read some parts (but it also might be because as I already said English isn't my first language and I tend to read really fast, which always makes me lose some vital passages!), but except that I couldn't help but love this book, which brought back my hopes for the "paranormal romance" genre.

I have to say I have been a big fan of the paranormal genre since I started reading "Fallen" by Lauren Kate, passing through the "Black Dagger Brotherhood" by J. R. Ward and trying to give a chance to Jennifer Armentrout "Lux" series, but it didn't work, sadly.

But some of the books I have read, also made me put my hands in my hair and scream from frustration at every time a female main character puts her life at risk, so I was really happy to discover that this book was nothing like that (in fact the author confessed to me that it was her purpose, to write something new and refreshing, in which she successed perfectly, according to me).

The best traits of this book are clearly the world-building and the main character: the world-building was a risky move, because the author couldn't decide which creatures to put in her book and ended up not choosing and using all of them (that is what I would do if I were a paranormal romance writer, too, but I wouldn't succed as amazingly as Miranda ), and this might bring some confusion to both the plot and the writing, which the author avoided brilliantly, creating a strong and clear world.

The entire building of this world is extremely interesting and the most important effect Miranda's decision of not choosing is the fact that you never know what to expect and everything is possible in a way that still seem realistic and not disturbing!

Little bonus is the fact that's all about mythology, which for a geek like me is basically life, so if you are a fan of mythology (and not only the greek one!), be sure to check out this book!

Then let's pass to the main character and we are talking about Emma: probably one of the most similar to me character of this genre, and although I found her a ittle bit too weak (but I mean i have so much paranormal knowledge thank to books that I wouldn't flinch if they revealed to me that I wasn't exaclty human!) (I am joking I would faint too, totally), I also found her reactions so so realistic and her interests are definitely similar to me and that's something that I couldn't help but love! (We need more Emmas in this world...).

She didn't piss me off and I have to say there was an immediate empathy between me and her and that's something that always makes me fall in love with a book, because although I may love a good escape I need to have under my feet a solid world and a similar character to follow!

And also Rogan: I mean hot, sexy an Scottish and here I come!

I really liked Rogan, althought my favorite one of the squad is Jack (althought he's said to be "less sexy than Loki in "Thor", but I mean "trickster" who can turn into a bird... it's still hot! Also I love his selfless character, along with a naive humor).

Another character I really liked is obviously Hunter (I mean us human should stick together, right?), also I am looking forward seeing him and Xeno, who has the traits to become one of my favorite characters (poor, little traumatized girl, too precious for this world) (I told you I was going to fangirl!).

The villain is amazingly terrifying and his backstory is absolutely something I am looking forward to, along with Elizabeth's own part of the story (her own point of view was macabre and realistic and it expressed perfectly the sense of what she had to go through!).

I can't wait to read the sequel and know more about this world and its creatures!

And you, are you going to be reading it? Have you already bought it?

Also since I am looking for more "paranormal romance" books, leave me your favorite books of this genre in the comments and I will be sure to check it out!

Hoping not to have you destroyed with my grammar and also with my fangirling, give absolutely a chance to this amazing book!

See you!

Eroine Penzel.