"Keystone" by Katie Delahanty



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What happens when your life, the one of the famous social influencer is turned upside down by an attempt of those closest to you to erase your data from the world?

It is what happens to Ella finally manages to break free from the hold of technology and is ready to take back what is hers.

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REVIEW 2,5/5:

This book is honestly the reason why people have prejudices towards the entire YA genre.

I picked up this book immediately as it was targeted as a "Black Mirror" YA remake, delving in the rather problematic subject of online friendship and how social media expectations have started ruining our life, but none of this was truly explored.

Although I do admit that the main character's story with her friends is rather interesting (and something I have personally lived on my skin, partially) the entire "Black Mirror" part for me remains too superficial, as if young adults couldn't take the entirety of the horror created by the decadence of technology, as they did in the original show.

This book stays in a rather superficial level, although there are many points that could have been deepened, more importantly exiting the typical YA novel, with the typical love triangle and girl on girl hate that seems to be what authors go for whenever they want to write YA, without wasting too much energy.


No, we got the love triangle (which made no sense, because the guys treated the main character as their own puppet and honestly had it been me... they would have been kneed in the balls from the start) and the girl on girl hate, which would have been interesting if treated in a more dystopian way, but nooo... in the second part of the book... it literally is just... girls being hateful against girls... because they can...

Which annoys the hell out of me, because we have to stick together, not hunt each other down, mostly in a word where apparently anything is fake and constructed just for the media.

I honestly also think that the ending was absolutely idiotic, since it made no sense, showed no character growth of any kind and brought me to truly a rather confusing point, since I didn't understand the entire thing and the need of it.

I honestly think that this book has a rather nice writing and the entire dystopian idea is pretty cool, but... I think that the author should have worked better on the dystopian world so that it could have become more interesting, and with stronger bases, a truly YA that could have made the genre proud.

Do you have any prejudices towards the YA genre?

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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