"Killer" (The Hunt Series #4) by Liz Meldon (Teaser 4):


Hi, guys!

I know I have basically destroyed you (and butchered even more the English language...) with these English posts, but we have only one day till the big release!

I have started this series and I have to say that although I am loving it, exams are taking a toll on me and I just can't wait till I'll finish them in order to dive right in Severus and Moira's story, also I am extremely curious about my boy Alaric (I call dibs on him!).

Also as I said before Moira is so #relatable, also a freaking badass, alongside with "well let's ignore Sev's orders because he doesn't own me...".

Also her story through the book and her acceptance of her new form... are simply beautiful!

So since I know you are curious I will leave you a little teaser to understand better what you are getting into!

I am keeping myself from making "period jokes" because I feel like this might be inappropriate but we all know my mind has some serious problems being appropriate!

Also I am low key curious to discover who will read this, so stay tuned or read directly the book!

But first some information!

KILLER is the final novel in THE HUNT, a paranormal romance serial. It has a rating of EXPLICIT for coarse language, high heat, and graphic violence. The Hunt is considered a continuous story containing one novella and three novels, and should be read in order: 


PREY (#2)


For more info check out the latest post on the blog! 

As always if you have any intention to join my marathon and fangirl with me be sure to check out also my instagram @eroine.penzel, or leave a comment under this article, so we can all enjoy and fangirl together!

And in the end don't forget to stalk the author on her own social media (I highly suggest her instagram is baiscally #aestheticgoals, so...) and leave me a comment about what you think of the quote and if you have read or not this book, now I am extremely curious! 

See you soon.

Eroine Penzel.

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