"KIller" (THe Hunt Series #4) (Teaser #5):



Another teaser for you but with me actually having read this book and PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS SERIES!

It's amazing and I can't wait to talk with you about this!

(But if you have read it, please become my friends because we have something to talk about!)

(Also I call dibs on Malachi...)

But let's move on to the interesting part of this!

KILLER is the final novel in THE HUNT, a paranormal romance serial. It has a rating of EXPLICIT for coarse language, high heat, and graphic violence. The Hunt is considered a continuous story containing one novella and three novels, and should be read in order:


(PREY #2):


More Info Here!

I actually know where this quotes is set and I love it with all my heart so be a there and be sure to check out this book and its author (Liz Meldon); her instagram as I always said is #aestheticgoals!

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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