"Last Memoria" by Rachel Emma Shaw



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Being a monster on the run isn't easy, as much as it isn't barging into the only people you shouldn't have never ever barged into, because you have his memories, the things that make him hate you so much.

Life wasn't easy with Sarilla, and now it'll be even harder, set up on an adventure to find her brother and her true purpose.

<<Did the gods forget to give you a survival instict as well as sense of direction>>

REVIEW (3/5):

Hello there, lovelies!

This ARC will come out in May, but I was lucky enough to read it in advance thank to the author, for which I am very thankful.

This is a rather interesting book, because of the themes it talks about, coming on to with a strong contrast that honestly made me reflect about my entire view through the entire book, in a way that challenges the reader to search for more and to review constantly her thoughts.

Such as what happens to Falon, who goes through a (for me too quick) change of heart, rather interesting to see since it completely helps the reader to understand and sympathize with the character.

Although my favorite POV to read about was Sarilla's since I felt like she is a rather complex and unique character, hating her own nature and unable to hear further about everything else, but still with a soft nature for her family and an high sense of duty which makes even the simplest of actions an order, an obligation

In a constant contrast between hate and knowledge the book develops itself in a cruel way where monsters are much more human than you might think which is something rather interesting to see written and portrayed so well by both the characters.

The book still has two main flaws: the worlbuilding and the pace of the narration.

The former is rather lacking creating confusion about what memoris truly are and what the blackvine is, to the point where you are unable to completely understand such concepts till the end, although the writer has told me that this is due to Falon's condition (which I am not spoiling you), so thread carefully about this topic!

I also think that in some points the pace of the narration was too fast, making some event unclear, enough to disrupt the rhythm of the narration and create even further confusion.

I do have to say that this is simply my opinion.

English is not my first language as you might know, so the confusion I felt through the book might have also been coming from that, and my own taste.

This book is very interesting for the topics and themes it talk about in a rather interesting and new way, that will make you hang on till the last page, always changing your opinion.

If you were a 'memori' what would you do?

Run or just fight?

Are you curious about this book?

Let me know in the comments or on Instagram (@eroine.penzel)!

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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