"The Bromance Book Club" by Lyssa Kay Adams



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All that Gavin can do to save his marriage is thrust his relationship into the hands of his fellow squadmates, who have formed an unlike club: a book club all about romance books, because they are the perfect description of an ideal relationship and most importantly... an ideal courting.

Will he make his wedding work or will he fail?

We trust only in romance, from now on!

<>You guys read romance novels?

We call them manuals>>

REVIEW (4/5):

This is, this book is IT!

Want a book that fight toxic masculinity laughing at it? Read this book.

Want a book that enhance the power of romance reads instead of demonizing them as some women's guilty pleasure? Read this book.

Just want a cute book to read? READ. THIS. BOOK.

I honestly am not going to lie, this book has flaws... BUT IT HAS ALSO BRANDEN MACK SO IT MAKES IT ALL BETTER! (Give me the second book of this series and nobody will be hurt).

But let's try to be serious for a bit and let me tell you: I honestly loved this book with all my heart because of what it talked about and how it talked about, in charming and sarcastic way that made me truly fell in love with this story, since it manages to talk about rather serious matters without resulting heavy, alongside having this kind of tone that tends to tease many typical masculinity traits, such as for example, the fact that they can't enjoy romance books, because they are "female things".

It is a brilliant satire in an intelligent romantic love story that honestly I think should be more shown, mostly because we don't see many couples having problem after their marriage, but it is rather interesting to discover that it isn't as easy as it might seem even after the "I do".

I do have to say that I found Gavin to be a big sweetheart, whereas Thea wasn't definitely my favorite of the two, and the reason might be the fact that she reminds many of my flaws, so although it might seem hypocrite, I honestly couldn't stand her and Liv (although she is my kind of girl, and the little tease we got about her and Mack...), but together they absolutely have chemistry and showed us that love is always enough.

I loved the entire concept behind the book and the importance of romance books, which get very much relegated to being simply "b-series" books, which, although may happen, is not the same for everyone of them (such as this book), many have more depths than you might think.

(Such as this one).

And even if they are nothing more than entertainment, would it be so wrong?

A true ode to romance books and against toxic masculinity.

If you are looking for a sweet read, perfect for this period, look no further and just give this book a read (and maybe make it read also to your significant other, it might have them some trick to use!).

If you had to do your own bromance-sisterhood club, which book would you propose?

For me it might be a bit obvious, but "Pride and Prejudice", if you want to be my lover, you better court me with a "you bewitched me"!

What about you?

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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