"The Little Morgen" (Fairytales of the Myth #2) by Miranda Grant



2, 69 EUROS (Kindle Format).


Caught between doing what is best for their families, Thalliya and Ragnar are brought together.

They'll end up inevitably clashing, fighting for what they need the most.

But maybe what they need the most is just... each other.

<<Tell me (...) Tell me how to avenge them>>

REVIEW (3/5):

Hello there, lovelies!

I first of all wanted to thank the author for having sent this novella my way, in exchange for my honest opinion.

I had thoroughly enjoyed her previous book and I actually have reviewed it on this blog.

Sadly, I have to admit that I didn't like this novella as much as I loved her first book, mostly because I did find the length of it a bit too short, which made the story in some parts seem quite confusing, even more when we were exposed to so many characters in such a short time.

I also personally thought that it didn't help with the characters and their relationships, because we didn't get to properly meet them and neither we got to see the relationships develop fully.

I do want to say that still I enjoyed the concept of the story and the premises of the characters.

Certainly, a lot of research and attention were put in the world-building, which I appreciated, and I wouldn't be against to knowing more about this world in the future, with other installments since this novella certainly caught my attention and seduced me in a world of Nordic men and mermaids.

Sadly, I personally still have to say that we might have needed a few more pages or introductions to get better acquainted with the characters and the plot.

Would you be able to reject love to have the strength you need?

Honestly... I don't know... although that does seem inviting!

What about you?

Let me know!

Have a lovely day!

Eroine Penzel.

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