"Baptism of Fire" (Playing With Hellfire #1) by Jessie Thomas



14 EUROS (Paperback)


In a place where demons are real, our main character has some of her own to fight, even more after something that happened to her, opening a new threatening world to her.

But maybe not everything from this change might be entirely bad, even more when it brings back an old friend....

<<How can we trust you?>> (...) <<You shouldn't>>

REVIEW (3/5):

I do have to say that this book had amazing and interesting premises, but yet flopped a bit around the entire world-building aspect since it was, at least for me, very not... that interesting, because it kept the reader outside of it, alongside again, in my opinion, not very developed.

Naturally this isn't a mortal sin, even more if you think that this is the first book of a series, but yet I jus didn't feel involved in the entire narration, neither interested by the world.

But I do have to admit that the writing is OUT OF THIS WORLD, and absolutely amazing, which made it all worth it the reading since it was pretty rhythmic but also very very soft and nice to read, but yet energetic and perfect for expressing the characters, another bonus point of this book.

I feel like the characters' premises are honestly amazing, definitely making this book extremely interesting and with a diverse cast of characters, but I felt like the building of everything might have developed a bit better, as in although the characters were thoroughly interesting I felt like they left out a bit of truth and reality.

Still I felt like there were a few that were very interesting and with which I fell in love, and I am looking forward to reading more of them.

I do think that this book left the root for what might be an interesting sequel, maybe with much more involvement of the reader and deepening the world-building, which could be curious to see.

I think that with a few changes and maybe a bit more of growth this book might make for an interesting series.

The mythology is definitely interesting and the characters have very strong premises so I'm curious to see how it'll be developed!

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Eroine Penzel.

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