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Here you might find some articles in English, both reviews and book-tags and teasers, in case Italian isn't your first language!

Little disclaimer: my first language is indeed Italian, so my English might not be perfect but I swear I am trying to improve it, so every kind of help is welcomed!

What would happen if someday, in a future not so far away, a grammar nazi decided to act up on her desire to reduce some horrible grammar mistakes, going straight up to the roots, the authors of the worst book written in the world, from a grammar point of view?

The final installment of "The Hunt Series"by Liz Meldon is here, and not only the search for Moira's father continues, alongside with new and interesting informations, but also the search for Sev, now taken in custody by the angels.

Things are changing pretty heavily for Moira, and in a body which she can't recognize anymore, the only thing she can control it's her sex-life, and searching her sexual independence, she met Severus, a male escort, but mostly an "incubus", gifted with an insane good-looking physique and cursed with the need to take the life essence of his victims....