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Here you might find some articles in English, both reviews and book-tags and teasers, in case Italian isn't your first language!

Little disclaimer: my first language is indeed Italian, so my English might not be perfect but I swear I am trying to improve it, so every kind of help is welcomed!

Being a monster on the run isn't easy, as much as it isn't barging into the only people you shouldn't have never ever barged into, because you have his memories, the things that make him hate you so much.

What Anahera wasn't expecting when she finally came back to her native city of Golden Cove, in New Zealand, wasn't certainly a missing person case, about a childhood friend.

What happens when your life, the one of the famous social influencer is turned upside down by an attempt of those closest to you to erase your data from the world?

All that Gavin can do to save his marriage is thrust his relationship into the hands of his fellow squadmates, who have formed an unlike club: a book club all about romance books, because they are the perfect description of an ideal relationship and most importantly... an ideal courting.

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