"Caged Kitten" (All The Queen's Men #2) by Rhea Watson



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Suddenly thrown in a prison with no reason for her to be there, Katja can't help but fight against the harsh destiny she has been bound into, after so many deaths and losses in her family.

But she might just find one of her own, in her worst nightmare. 

<<Nobody gets left behind>>

REVIEW (3/5):

I want to start with saying my personal 'thank you' to the writer for having allowed me to read this book in exchange for my honest review of it and I also want to say that it is truly a magnificent experience always being part of your team.

Books like this one are always a comfort to me, because for a few hours they get to make me evade for a bit reality and I always look forward to their releases because of those moments of pure freedoms.

Sadly, with this book I had a few difficulties, and I do have to say that I personally felt like it was the one that I least liked of the various ones I have read, mostly because of the fact that the world-building seemed quite stereotyped to the point that it made things seem pretty comical.

And borderline discriminatory, something that made my reading quite difficult, although I do have to say that I liked the prison set up, described very well and without any kind of excuse for its most violent sides (something that still I have to admit made me slightly anxious so I would suggest to check your personal trigger before choosing to read it).

My other problematics, which, I want to clarify, is related to my own taste, is the fact that I felt like I just couldn't empathize with the characters, more than the main character, whose emotions I felt were described very well and to whose chapters I was looking forward... the lover interests were what I found, personally, a bit lacking.

I have to say that I would have liked to know more about Rafe, but I feel like his knowledge remain superficial throughout all the book and I couldn't help but feel like it ended up not depriving us from such an interesting characters.

Who I found most-well written amongst the love interests was instead Fintan, definitely my type (don't we all have a thing for Fae bastards?) but I just felt like the other characters just fell a bit flat, alongside partially the worldbuilding, mostly the part regarding not the prison but the characters within it.

The story in itself is very very interesting: it seems to be a sexy and dangerous spin onto the 'Rumpelstiltskin story' which is very original and I'll admit that the whole prison setting was a curious choice to say the least, I would have just preferred to see it deepened.

As the love interests (mostly Rafe, I do have... a thing for bad boys).

Aside from this, this book was a bit of a fresh air, definitely giving me a break from life, through its steamiest scenes and its interesting plot.

I do hope to see more of this genre, because I do feel like the author handles it well and I do hope to maybe just have characters to who I personally can link more.

With this being said: have you ever read anything resembling 'reverse harem'?

Are you also a fan of the genre?

See you soon!

Have a lovely day!

-Heco Hansen.

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