"Predator" (The Hunt Series #1) by Liz Meldon



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Things are changing pretty heavily for Moira, and in a body which she can't recognize anymore, the only thing she can control it's her sex-life, and searching her sexual independence, she met Severus, a male escort, but mostly an "incubus", gifted with an insane good-looking physique and cursed with the need to take the life essence of his victims.

But something change with Moira, and not only because she doesn't end up under his spell, but also because he doesn't seem able to take her life essence.

In a search for some explanations, they end up growing closer and closer. 

KILLER is the final novel in THE HUNT, a paranormal romance serial. It has a rating of EXPLICIT for coarse language, high heat, and graphic violence.  

REVIEW (4\5):

As I might have already said and you can clearly see English isn't my first language so sorry, if something of this is said in a butchered English, I am really sorry but I am always up for improvement so if you have any kind of suggestion, be sure to leave them in the comments!

I received an adanced copy in exchange for an honest review and I have to say I absolutely loved this book: I feel like althought it is extremely tiny, it leaves you wondering about what the hell is going on for the entire time of it and I was honestly so so surprised by what kept happening in this book, and it was only the beginning!

The characters were also extremely interesting: I loved both Moira, she is low key relatable, and didn't piss me off (at least in this book) as many main characters in paranormal romance books do, also I sincerely immediately felt bad for her and was curious to know what was happening to her; and althought this particular subject is much more evident in the second book I loved the theme of "having to deal with something that makes us different", and that is permanent.

The fear and the hopelessness were just so real I couldn't root for her, every little seconds I saw her feeling sad!

Sev I have to say he might be an incubus so he'll probably used his powers to earn both my blush and total attention, I also liked his story, his situation and his job, not only because it's extremely rare to read about males escorts but it was also interesting to see how everything fit perfectly and had some kind explanation behind it; I think the world-building was perfect and flawless and I am always interested when the author manages to use more than a mythical creature withouth it resulting in a mess.

I couldn't give it five stars (although my heart would have gladly given it five stars if Alaric had asked me, I have a little crush on that hybrid) because there were some scenes which unsettled me like Sev stalking Moira (I am going to call him Sev because I feel like it is something which would honestly piss him off, so since I like pissing off characters...), I mean he had reasons but still stalking so...

(Also can we all talk about the panties scene because I didn't know wether to cringe or laugh) (If they had been mine I would have probably cringed).

Still I enojoyed and was absolutely ready to know more about Moira and Severus!

Have you read this series? Do you like the paranormal romance genre?

See You Soon!

Eroine Penzel.