"Reaper's Pack" (All The Queens's Men #1) by Rhea Watson



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You know how they say: the bigger the responsability, the bigger the problems.

And when Hazel, a reaper, is tasked with a bigger territory, she is forced to find a pack of hellhound to help her take care of souls, but what she asks for is maybe more than she bargained for...

... and maybe that is all a pleasant surprise...

<<Why don't they just share her?>>

REVIEW (5/5):

A first rive in this genre and already a success, that is what this book is.

I honestly have to say that I love this author in every shade of romance she takes her novels to, and I do think that she is one of the best and most attentive to everything about this genre, being curious but also respectful of her readers.

I just wanted to point out the fact that she wrote an entire disclaimer explaining what the book was about and why it might trigger readers, and alongside this also for the fact that she made it clear that 'it seems might not be for everyone', and shifting the blame away from the readers, something which I think is very uncommon, but should be more popular.

I honestly think that Rhea is a pearl in this new genre, which can be quite troublesome, but I think that she handled it in an extremely gracious way.

I first of all liked that men weren't treated as competitors, since it was an interesting dynamic to explore and it just lessened the drama that such a situation might bring, in order to focus on a more positive outlook of the entire relationship.

What could be a simplified and maybe trivial idea, instead turned out to be brilliant creating a reading that will leave you hooked from the first page, in a story where you'll want to see who ends up with the main character, but the solution is more complex, and yet sweet and adorable.

I honestly LOVED Hazel, she is honestly a cutiepie, although I do have to say that I wish we would have known more about her, since everything that happened to her seemed to impact her still, so it would have been interesting to see her past.

But don't we risk being struck there, if we think about the past too much?

And she has three handsome guys to take care of her, now so...

My favorite I am not going to lie is definitely Declan (which is strange, because I am not a fan of sweet guys, but I'll make an exception for this one) but I won't deny that also Gunnar and Knox are absolutely adorable... and I also love that although you can see a few stereotypes, the are inherently part of this genre, they are their own characters, another more reason why this book should be absolutely on your TBR, if you like the reverse harem genre!

So, absolutely give this chance, you won't regret it!

As always: if you want to talk with me about this book you'll absolutely find me on instagram as @eroine.penzel!

Are you curious about this book?

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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