A Shameless Character:

And how could I not go, with our favorite blonde Fae, cousin to a certain high-lord and beautiful dreamed born in a Court of Nightmares?

Mor can be pretty shameless (sometimes even too much for me, since it got to hurt the relationship between some of the people who loved her truly) (but hey, I forgave her: in ACOFAS, I couldn't have helped but love her).

I am sure that Lou and she would have fun running around Velaris, causing trouble, and absolutely not regretting it.


A Character You Wish Had More Page Time:

Can't I use Coco for this questions: because I honestly and with much love, hoped that my favorite dame rouge had more time, but let me think for a moment...

... and I low key am going with Drusilla Blackthorn, who is absolutely my favorite of the Blackthorn and I truly can't wait to see her in "The Wicked Powers" series, because I honestly love B-movie loving child, who looks amazing and will kick you and save your ass.


A Character With A Good Development:

And how could I not quote Matthias?

His and Reid's development are very similar, according to my sister Debs (who is organizing the readathon of this book, be sure to follow it and her, respectively #serpentanddovereadalone and @debscourtofdreams, on Instagram) and I honestly can't help but have shivers to understand how far Matthias has come, from his close mentality, based on faith and obedience to the one he gains at the end of "Crooked Kingdom".

Now excuse me while I go crying in a corner.


A Precious Cinnamon Roll Of A Character:

Not going to lie, as with Coco, I do believe that it can't get much better than the lovely and gentle Ansel, but I am going to try and do my best and quote you mu beloved Neville, who, according to me, is Ansel's long lost older brother.

I honestly believe that Neville is one of the best character that Rowling has ever written, alongside, certainly my most beloved one, after my reading, since I honestly can't help but have heart-eyes, for my precious brave boy.

(The only Gryffindor I can actually stand...).


A Character You Can't Decide Whether You Love Or Hate:

(Let me tell you that I straight up hate asshole Jean Luc).

But a character that I don't know if love or hate is probably Mal from the "Shadow And Bone" Trilogy, because although if I had been Alina I would have been like "I am taking the Darkling and the crown, see ya, asshole", but there have been times in which I low key.... felt... some kind of like... towards him.

He seemed such a smart and nice boy, full of promises and turned up as a tool.


A Character With A Secret Past:


Luke Castell, from the "Percy Jackson" saga (did you just tear up a bit? Because I did).

His past is revealed slowly, most importantly he seems a stranger even to those who knew him, such as Talia and Annabeth, and although it is heartbreakingly hurtful you can't honestly help but think that he is a masterpiece of a character.


An Evil Book Parent or Parental Figure:

I honestly wanted to put here Levana, but I thought about a better idea, which is absolutely that asshole of Adam's father in the "Raven Boys" saga; Adam's father is actually extremely abusive towards him, terrorizing the poor boy with screams and even violence (due to this Adam's actually deaf from one ear).

And the scene in which Adams confronts me LITERALLY GAVE ME CHILLS...

Please read this series!


A Book With An Unexpected Plot Twist:

You seriously want me to quote "Nevernight" in each book-tag?

Because yeah... I am going to point this out and name "Nevernight", because that book has a PLOT TWIST that'll blow your mind... and the rest of your body...

... and will make you cry, meanwhile you read it.

But hey... that's the fun of Jay Kristoff's books...

*sobbing intensifies*

What is a book with a twist that you love?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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