"To Love a God" (Lily of the Valley #1) by Evie Kent



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Nora certainly wanted to change her life, but being kidnapped by a mysterious cult and thrown at Loki, the god of mischief, as his latest entertainment, wasn't exactly what she meant.

Although this life might turn out to be quite more fruitful and happy than she thought.

<<If I survived the night, I guess I'd grow as a person>>

REVIEW (4/5):

Can I just start by saying that paranormal romance is my official comfort genre?

Like I might have a slight fixation for this genre, and I have been going through quite the rough path, lately and let me tell you, this book WAS HONESTLY WHAT I NEEDED.

I read it one day and let me tell you it just made my entire day and week better, because let's admit it: in these days of confinement and fear, we all need our good romance story with an happy ending (and our own Loki, excuse me very very much).

I still do have to say that I thought that the middle-ish and ending didn't satisfy me fully, although I do am happy with what we got, but I have to admit that they felt a tiny bit... undervalued and less developed.

I want to start from saying that although I love this genre, I rarely found main characters that I truly relate to or that I like, but I truly loved Nora, and whereas we are two completely different people, I did relate to a lot of her feelings, and I loved to see her journey on leaning into Loki, because I honestly recognized a lot of my misstep (and that sass, Gosh, you gotta admit that she is amazing).

About the other main character, let me tell you, I don't think that I can have a proper impartial opinion on the lovely god of mischief, but I'll admit that I certainly liked this take on him, because I found it very very fitting for him, alongside different from the previous ones that we are used to, making him a more adult and a tougher cookie.

I also liked the way mythology was involved (I am usually very very skeptical of it, although I am not yet an expert of Norse mythology, so I'll admit that I might be a bit biased) I found it very very well-developed, alongside I found it interesting that we had an apology for Loki, building him in an interesting and complex character.

What I would have liked to delve in more, would have been his previous relationship with Sigyn, mostly to see the way it affected his relationship with Nora, although I do admit that it was truly endearing to see his love for his previous concubines.

He might be a god of mischief, but he certainly is also a gentleman.

(Who knows his way about women).

I always love smut written by this author, in any way or shape, with the dark and gritting friction of it that makes it just more interesting and it certainly helps in delving in our deepest fantasies.

Finally I think that this story was build perfectly, making me curious about knowing more about this universe (I am strangely very very curious about Helga, excuse me, but that witch must have an important role, I BET IT!).

Ahh I was honestly in love with all of this, and I am glad to have read it, and can't wait for more, please do give it a chance!

Are you curious about this book?

Can't wait to meet Loki?

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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