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I wanted to take a small moment and a small space on my blog to think about something that involves me personally and has been on my mind for quite some time.


If you don't know what celiac disease is... I suggest checking out a Wikipedia page, because... I am not the right person to ask about all the scientific things, because believe me: there is a reason if I have decided to get a degree on ancient literatures and not biochemistry (which was my main choice, till I discover I had to be freaking precise).

But in a nutshell: celiac disease is a sickness that involves your intestines and makes you unable to properly digest gluten, which you may found in many things which are made of grain, barley and other cereals.

Sadly it isn't something that ever goes away, although some people (like my dad) might have the genes but not develop it; in fact it is a genetical disease, although it can be developed or not, at any age and any time (so, nobody is safe).

Although it isn't a particularly awful sickness, it can bring various physical disadvantages, mostly in case it isn't discovered from the start, for example I personally was as slim as a freaking line before I discovered it, my entire body growth blocked.

But many others have it worth, from simply 'stomach troubles' to full on developing other diseases linked to this.

At the moment there is no cure for this other than a gluten free diet.

So, if I am not here to promote any weird research and my 'doctor Eroine' sketch ended, why do I want to talk about it?

It is because this sickness isn't as easy as it might seem, mostly for the people affected by it.

There are so many fake myths about people living  with celiac disease, enough that I could seriously write a book with them (and instead I decided to do a book-tag with them) because being a disease that involves food it also involves the social aspect of our life.

Many times, I have been just left watching others eating wondrous cakes, meanwhile I looked down at my sad salad.

And many more times I have had to tolerate the umpteenth person describing my disease as a choice.

Believe me if I had a choice in the matter, I wouldn't drop gluten.

I would drop the people that ask me this question.

It isn't simply annoying, but it is also something that on the long run alienate the person.

(Even more if they are an introvert like me).

I just wanted to do this small booktag to shine a bit of light on the matter, although I am not a professional (but if you are interested on the subject I'll try my best to inform myself, also because as you might know... English is not my first language so I might not have used the most proper quotes) but I do HAVE CELIAC DISEASE.

So, I thought to maybe avoid some prejudices, talking about it.

Because let me tell you: it isn't so difficult to make a hospitable place also for your friend with celiac disease, it just takes a bit of carefulness and niceness.

As always, if you have any question, I am here.

NO GLUTEN, A Book Character You Seriously Don't Need In Your Life.

I am not saying that the answer is Mal... but Mal is the literal... idiot of the entire trilogy and although I'll admit that I liked him for five seconds at the end of the 'Shadow and Bone' and I do understand Alina's desire for normalness (not everyone can be smart enough to want to be a freaking queen or whatever is the female to The Darkling), HE WAS A FREAKING TOOL.

(He makes Tamlin seem a saint, in my humble opinion).

He had a way of manipulating Alina in not solely doing what he wanted but also in not enjoying things she should have, alongside being a brat himself, and let's not talk about his past as a latin lover (and let me tell you I am honestly disappointed that anybody even fell for that... WHEN YOU HAVE NIKOLAI LANTSOV).

So, I am sorry, but we are dropping Mal.

THE SALAD OF SHAME. A Character That Made A Fool Of Himself.

I know this might seem harsh, but I want to mention this simply because I think that he needed to make a fool of himself to grow up and be the amazing man I am sure he'll be in the future (if a dragon doesn't eat him firstly).

And I mean Thyon, because excuse me but the entire discourse he had at the beginning of 'Muse of Nightmares' with Callixte is my favorite thing ever, and although he did indeed make a fool of himself, he redeemed a bit, and now I am proud of my sweet and scientific baby boy.

THE SILLY QUESTIONS. A Character That Makes Silly Questions.

I love Simon from 'Carry On' with all my heart, but let me tell you: that boy literally had a roommate who crushed HARD on him and he thought for the entire time he was plotting...

... let me tell you that he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

I don't think that he ever made the right question, instead bothering his pretty mind with a lot of questions that were just bad for him.

But he has Bounce to think for him.
'SO... IT IS LIKE A DIET, RIGHT?' Which Ones Of Your Favorite Writer Would You Drop For A 'Bookish Diet'?

I know this is quite the harsh question (and don't even think of cheating it out), but if I had to think with my brain, I'd probably say Rick Riordan, because although I love his books with all my heart (and most importantly all his sass). I sometimes feel just too grown up for them, sadly!

'... ARE YOU SURE THAT SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN IF YOU EAT THAT?' A Character Whose Actions Have Big Consequences.

I know this might be a surprise for everyone, but for me it is Rhys, because I feel like thorough of the series we see how much his actions have impacted the course of the story, starting from bumping into Feyre that fateful bonfire night.

Without him we wouldn't have certainly had the 'A Court of Mist And Fury' that we all love.

'OH, I FORGOT... BUT WE'LL FIND SOMETHING FOR YOU... I AM SURE': A Character You Found At The Right Time.

I do think that everybody would roll their beautiful eyes if I mentioned again Caith.

So, I am not going to (surprise, surprise!).

But another character who came to my rescue in the right time was Samantha McCallister, from 'Every Last Word' by Tamara Ireland Stone.

I am still going through quite a rough patch in my life, but a few years ago, I was truly in a rather uncomfortable situation, for my own mental health.

Sam has been the one who has pushed me past my limits, making me look for help, since that book made me recognize that I needed it at that time, and although I am not okeayest in the best way, I do think that I am on the way to be it.

'WAIT... THIS DOESN'T CONTAIN... GLUTEN. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!': A Character That Revealed Themselves To Be A Surprise For You.

I can't help but mention to you Lila Bard.

I honestly disliked her with all my heart, since she said some pretty awful things about girly girls, in the first book, alongside being an unrelentless pest for the entire time she was with Kell.

But... she got better... mostly revealing a band of insecurities underneath herself that brought me to be absolutely in love with the character, and right now she and her love for adventures are my favorite thing of the entire book.

THE 'DOCTORS': A Character That Faked Himself To Be Something That He Wasn't.

It's Throe from 'Black Dagger Brotherhood'.

The typical 'Nice-Not-So-Nice' guy, like he might have all that buttoned up glory, but he isn't anything but a devious little... you-know-what... ready to take any advantage possible to succeed his dream.

And some of his methods can be pretty... PRETTY DIRTY.


It isn't going to surprise anybody that I PHYSICALLY NEED the new 'Nessian Novel' (guys can you believe that it is coming out next year... that is only my sole reason to arrive to the next year, believe me).

I am just so curious of how their relationship will develop, what will Nesta do, will there be new characters?

I am really really hoping that there'll be.


THE CONTAMINATION: A Character You Think It'd Be Funny To Pass Quarantine With.

... Iko from 'The Lunar Chronicles'.

Just think if you Alexa could spew out gossip... HOW COOL WOULD IT BE?

And I wouldn't probably last a single day, believe me, because I'd be found murdered mysteriously after saying this, but I just love Iko: she is the funniest and she would undoubtedly keep you company on many days in quarantine.

JUST A BIT OF KINDNESS, IT IS ALL IT MAKES.: The Kindest Character You Know.

Cristina Rosales.

Like is that woman even allowed to curse?

No, I don't think so.

She is a courageous baby that'll do her best to kill all her enemies with a bit of kindness.

(And her butterfly knives, don't forget that she is a warrior).

And I think that if we were a bit more Cristina Rosales, then the world would be a happier place.

If you want to use this tag don't forget to let me know and give me the credits for it!

Hope you'll enjoy this!

Have a lovely day!

-Heco Hansen.

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