"Girl, Serpent, Thorn" by Melissa Bashardoust



4,99 EUROS (Kindle Format)


Soraya has been cursed since her birth to be lethal to anyone who touches her.

Kept as a dirty secret of her family, the royal one, she has spent an half-life, hidden by the eyes of the world and the world itself hidden from her.

Till something changes and a hope to change her life revolutions it.

But every small change comes at a price... will she accept to pay it?

<<Either you are his prisoner while he does as he pleases, or you're by his side, with the power to influence him. Perhaps he could be useful to you as well>>

REVIEW (4/5):

Hello there, lovelies!

Finally, the book we all needed in our life this year has finally arrived and it doesn't make a single mistake, although maybe... just maybe the entire narration is sometimes confused...

... but except that, you'll absolutely love this book, because...

... first of all, of the setting and the world that it created, taken from the Persian culture, which I do have to say at first made a me bit uneasy, thinking that it was based on more imagination than actual stories, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover the entire mythology behind it, explained perfectly bu a small glossary at the end of the book.

We honestly need more writers who do glossaries.

So, the setting was honestly one of a kind, even more because of the fact that we were treated to a non-Eurocentric view which is always interesting and also helps with knowing more outside of our comfort zone and further than our own nose.

I also found very interesting the characters, but more than that the relationships between them, the way it was portrayed in an interesting dynamic of power and utter crude emotions, that mix perfectly with the themes talked about in the book.

How truly available is the motto 'do the right thing', when you are forced in something that stops you from living fully?

Are we allowed to a bit of revenge after we have been chastised away from everything that we owned?

Made to live as an outcast, meant not to be heard or seen?

Delving in a grey area that is interesting to discuss even more when we have such interesting actors as the main character and the villain (I am not going to lie... I do have to say that I shipped them) and alongside that I do think that relationships are also created as naturally as it is breathing to us.

Highly highly suggested read, so absolutely don't miss it when it comes out in May 12th!

Are you interested by this book?

As always... if you do end up reading, let me know (either here or on Instagram, @eroine.penzel)!

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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