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Hi to everyone!

I thought about trying to write my post on the blog also in English, at least for a little bit, to let also my English followers have a little taste of my true madness!

Along with the fact that a lot of the sweet girls and boys who tag me in these beautiful book-tags are indeed either American and English and I always feel a little bad when I publish the tag in Italian, knowing the may not be able to read it.

SA Glamorous Book:o I'll try for all of your at least an article every week when I am able to write during the Sundays.

Also I already apologize for any little or big mistake I might make, but you see English is not my first language neither the one of my computer so please be a little patient with me! And if you have any suggestion to help me improve please leave them in the comments, along with your thoughts about tha Tag!

This Tag is all about the most famous historica figures and I was tagged to do it by @tometimetea on instagram!

But lets stop talking about anything that isn't the tag!


A Glamorous Book:

It still hasn't come out but I can't help but choose the newest addition to the ACOTAR family: ACOFAS, also knows as, "A Court of Frost and Starlight". This week the cover was revealed and it's just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

It's beautifully made, althought all we got is just Feyre's back (in a beautiful dress, I must say) and not some hint on what it'll be about (I am just so curious).

Both version are so beautiful but I think that I just fell in love more with the UK one, because not only the one I have are all from the UK, but also the quote "To the stars who listen and to dreams that are answered" written on it just makes me feel all giggly and happy!

... and impatient for May to come around!


Best Leader Within A Book And Why:

Alec Lightwood, because if you can survive being Jace's parabatai and make him survive with a just a "little trauma" you can truly lead evrything.

Also he's the voice of the reason and such a good father, like the last part might be unnecessary, but I am still crying after seeing him with the little Max...


The Most Ruthless Book Ditactor:

I have two answers for this caption, one male and female!

The first one is probably the first fictional ruthless dictator I have ever read: President Snow.

This man is so irremeable that you can't help but feel like he only deserves our truest for of hatred and rejection, for people in real life that are just like him.

The second one is sincerely more personal if I may say and it's the queen Giulietta; not only she's so ruthles she decided to kill her own brother because he has become a malfecto but also she rules ruthlessy on the entire world of "The Young Elites", stringing around poor Teren, who has clearly developed an insane attraction for the queen, on which she herself plays along

Oh I just can't help but hate her!


Brought The Most Change Or Most Character Development:

Art by @morganaon0anagrom.

I know I talk so much about the Throne Of Glass series, and maybe I shouldn't, but this category seemed perfectly appropriate for Kaltain Rompier.

She was trully such an amazing and inspiring surprise, not only for what she did in the fourth book but mostly for how her character developped and changed through the books and I just can't help but feel like she left us an important message: that we should seriously never judge a book by the cover.


Favorite Member Of The Royal Family From A Book:

Royalty is such an inspiring and funny world that I can't help but feel like I would certainly like to belong in it (unluckily I am such a goofball and I would probably just be able to be just the clown jester).

So there are so many character I can't help but like, but if I have to chose the newest addition, I mught be tempted to say Rhy Maresh from the "A Darker Shades of Magic" tirlogy, who is just as funny as interesting and I am not hiding that I may have a little bit of a crush on him...


Craziest Book Character:

Probably the one who I feel more connected to...

Still this one is not one of them because he's truly weird and I feel like in the next books will know more about him and I am truly scared to know about that more...

So I am going to go with The Apparat, form "Shadow and Bone".

He's just SOOO CREEPY!


Most Betraying Of All Characters:

I am just coming back from a terrible "book betrayal" that has truly wrecked me and every little knowledge I had of that character.

Still I am going to have to go with the "book betrayal" that made me so angry that I went from my room to the kitchen of my house a few times, fuming, before calming down.

It was when (There'll be spoiler about "Red Queen" so read at your own risk) Maven betrayed everyone at the end of the "Red Queen"!

Although I had my suspicion Maven was a snake, I was so so mind-blown at the end of his own cruelty, that I am agreeing totally with the final quotes of the book: "I am going to kill him"!

I hope you'll like this article! Let me know what you think about it! If there are any article and if you want to contact me you can find me at @eroine.penzel on instagram and "Eroine, passione lettrice" on Facebook.

Also if you have any suggestions or just want to talk my email is eroine.penzel@libero.it.

It would make me amazingly happy if you'd like to share in the comments your favorite historic figure!

Mine is probably a tie between Queen Elizabeth I and the Roman Emperor August.

Till Next Time.

Eroine Penzel.