"Phoenix Descending"(Curse of The Phoenix #1) by Dorothy Dreyer (English Version).



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What happens when you find a way to save your family from a dangerous disease, but that way will bring you to ally with your worst enemies?

You end in Tori's shoes.

After a promise made to her dying sister, she decided to find a way to end the terrible plague of the "phoenix fever", which has started to affect her entire family, and to do so she must work with a misterious Khadulian, an inhabitant of a population who is hostile toward Drothidia, Tori's homeland, who asks her to infiltrate herself in Avarell, and find informations about the misterious disease that affetcs its queen.

Tori must do as he asks to obtain the cure for her family's disease, but what she'll meet on her adventure may be more than she bargained for...

<<You are worth every risk>>

REVIEW (4\5):

Lets start with the end, because at the end of this book I was basically like "What do you mean this is the end? I need the sequel!".

So I think that the book was pretty good, actually pretty amazing!

It's extremely well written, with a writing that covers every little flaw of the plot, and I think that it's an extremely interesting reading because of so many elements, starting from the characters.

I loved Tori, she's one of her kind, although she has some of the typical YA heroine's traits, such as the "love story" in which she's involved, which is a little bit affected by "insta-love", but as I said before Dorothy's writing is so amazing and expert that she has no trouble making us overcome those "obstacles".

Excepts these traits, she's extremely new and interesting, someone we should really watch out for in books, and someone I'd like to read more about, because not only she's such a badass and has a wonderful strategic mind, but she has a pet fox, a PET FOX!

Ok, also she makes her weapons look extremely cool, and she isn't definetely swayed around by love, something that I really love seeing in books (like I am not against love-stories, just I don't think the main female character should change soemthing for her love interest). And also let's say it: it was Bram, who was the real "damsel in distress", during this book.

As the plot Tori is extremely energetic and adrenalitic and if you are fast readers as me I'd highly suggest you to read this book, since you'll never be bored by the adventures in which the characters are involved.

Actually the plot start from a really simple but funcional idea that then evolves beautifully and will no doubt surprise you, although I think that some moves were forseeable, but I am also the one who suspects of everyone so...

Other than Tori, I really appreciated Bran: he's extremely cute and an interesting character, and I hope to see more of him in the next book, along with both Finja and Duke Grunmire, who is a great villain, so well written that I can't do nothing to stop myself from hating-fearing him!

I couldn't also not like the love-story between princess Wrena and Aurora; their relationship was described wonderfully, although I don't really like the "forbidden love" trope (sorry, it's just not for me), so it seemed a little bit stereotypical...

I gave this book four stars, but I saw a lot of elements that could bring this author's next book to a score of five stars!

So if you are interested in a innovative type of fantasy YA, I suggest you heartly this book and believe me you won't be left unsatisfied!

Which characterstics of YA do you like better?


Eroine Penzel