A Strong And Independent MC:

I do think that people, nowadays know of my obvious obsession with "The Last Namsara", but one of the many reasons why I loved that book was the main character, Asha, who is indeed both extremely strong and independent.

In fact, half of the book is spent with her proving that she doesn't need anybody's help, something that clearly is not the truth, and she slowly start to ask and lean more towards other, in a beautiful growth, matched with a cunning character and a grey morality, which makes her absolutely one of my favorite main characters of all time.


A Witty And Smart Character:

Probably I'll have to go with the obvious choice, which is Annabeth Chase, my beloved blonde haired daughter of Athena (also can you believe that I travelled Greece with a similar hat to hers? Except... I wasn't invisible as her...).

Obviously not only she is a daughter of Athena, but she is also pretty damn intelligent and with a pendant of architecture, something which needs a clear and precise mind (AKA not my mind!).

So how could I not choose her?


A Dashing Side Character:

Since I have recently come back from "Nevernight" how can I not mention Ashlinn?

I honestly dove to say that many people might think that she is a bit of a "buzzkill" (and I, myself, have thought about stabbing her after she did what she did...) but I can't help but love her sassy and unbothered side.

We stan a cool and charming queen, over here!


A Good Parental Figure:

And I am obviously going with Colm Fahey, th only YA parental figure we stan in this household, because he literally came in five seconds, met the Crows and he adopted them, and I don't think that anything screams "parental figure" more than this...

Also, he raised Jesper... so we can say he is a pretty good parent... except you know for the gambling addiction, but hey... everyone has its flaws...?


A Funny Comic Relief That Actually Has Depth To Their Character:

Although I do believe that his role as a comic relief was short-lived, I honestly loved Magnus Bane, because of indeed his magnetic and quite magical humor, whereas he clearly shows to have much more depth and interests, alongside being a true friend and a wonderful lover.


A Character With An Unexpected Twist:

I am going to go with the obvious Baz Grimm-Pitch from my beloved "Carry On", since his plot-twist is indeed a bit... I mean... very much unexpected.

You see that grim and snobby personality...well get ready for more of that, because that is Baz...


A Villain With A Motive You Could Understand:

I do honestly think that this is not the case of the villain of this book, alongside a lot of other villains (beside my beloved The Darkling) who have motives which are not justifiable, in the least...

But I am going to choose Eli from "Vicious", who I couldn't stand at first, in the slightest, but as soon as I got to his backstory, I... literally... cried for him, and although I do believe that some of his actions are not, very definitely, ok, I honestly have to say that with such an horrible backstory you couldn't expect the model of sanity.


A Villain With An Unclear Motive:

Annabelle Blackthorn from "Lord of Shadows"

(Yeah, don't go on from here if you haven't finished the TDA series, because... SPOILERS).

I honestly hated her as a villain so so much, because of the entirety of the two books she was in, she literally screwed up things...

... and like... I get that it is her role, but like... she was literally appearing in scenes, screwing things up and then running away and the utility of her character was literally less than Tavvy Blackthorn's (at least he was cute).


A Mysterious Character You Would Like To Meet:

Not gonna lie... Legend from "Caraval".

I honestly have to say that I didn't like the book, like it was cute, but it had too many plot-twists and I low key lost a bit the sense of it, but "Legend" honestly seem such an interesting mystery and I think it would be perfect for the theme of this question.


A Fascinating Yet Insufferable Character:

Absolutely Tamlin...

I mean ... at least he is pretty... it covers you know all those misogynic insults, and backwards mentality not to talk about him being a perfect physical and psychological absuser..

But hey, again... at least he is pretty.


A Book You Cannot Wait:

I mean... there are too MANY!

But I am going to give you my top-three!

  • "Queen of Nothing", which is coming rather quickly and HONESTLY can't wait to see Jude kick Cardan's ass (I said what I said).
  • "Wayward Son" I do think that we all know that I am... a bit... obsessed with the Watford magical world, and I can't wait to meet again my sons... favorite characters... and hug the life out of them, if Rainbow Rowell doesn't do it first (Rainbow, please don't...).
  • Sarah J. Maas' new book "Crescent City", because I would literally buy even Maas' trahsbag if she wrote something on them, although I do have to admit that the plot and the world-building seem very interesting so...


A Swoon Worthy Romance:

Since I hadn't mentioned one of my favorite series ever... HOW CAN I NOT QUOTE YOU MY BABES ANDREW AND NEIL FROM "THE FOXHOLE COURT" (a masterpiece of modern literature, please grab a racquet exy and come being cool with the Foxes).

I do think that it is both because of their growth and because of their respective personality which are low key complimentary... and most importantly... what brings all the couples together: THE SHARED TRAUMA.

But now I want to hear your thoughts: what is a swoon-worthy romance for you?

See you soon!

Eroine Penzel.

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